Best Tips for Keeping Your Oriental Rug Pristine

4 Great Tips for Keeping Your Oriental Rug Pristine

There is no argument about the beauty of an Oriental rug. Vibrant colors, beautiful patterns and designs have made these desirable pieces to have or receive. Oh no, what is that spot! Is that smell coming from my rug? Enjoying life with these rugs means that things happen. There are, however, ways to keep that rug looking pristine.

1. Vacuum often – This is obvious to keep the rug clean. There are additional reasons to vacuum your valuable rug. This action can refresh the fibers, release the debris and is much gentler than the old-fashioned beating.

2. Spot Clean – A well-used rug will need spot cleaning as accidents happen. However, you should also consider the occasional professional carpet cleaning. There are experts in Waukesha who specializing in Oriental rugs that can make your rug look new.

3. Rotate Locations – Rugs are organic things that can lose their shape and fabric wear down. If your rug is left in the same entry way of hallway, it will become worn down in a very obvious pattern. Preferably, every couple of months, your rugs can rotate around the house and continue to age beautifully.

Oriental Rugs Waukesha4. Sunlight – While exposing your rug to continual sunlight can eventually cause it to fade, a once a year exposure to sun rays can be beneficial.  On a sunny Spring day, take your rug out to hang on a line or fence. The sun kills any mildew that may have crept into the fibers from a cleaning or the damp winter air. Consider flipping the design side down, since the sun’s rays can fade delicate dyes.

Love your Oriental rug, and it will return the love by being its beautiful self on your home’s floor. Treat it well, and it will be around for your kid’s kids. These beautiful investment pieces are low-maintenance, but deserve a little attention to retain those rich colors and intricate designs.

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