Be Prepared

While it is the Boy Scout motto, it is also a great way to live your daily life! Preparation in all things will help you feel more confident and secure in the things life throws at you.

What types of preparedness are there to consider?

Spiritual – if you are a spiritual person or not this one is personal and profound.

Temporal – All things that have to do with living your material life.

Emotional – This is a huge one and can affect how you deal with life’s ups and downs.

Why be prepared?

Being prepared in all aspects of your life gives you the tools to be able to feel confident and secure when trials arise. It helps you to be able to help others, friends or family or even strangers. When a hitch occurs or a blip in the radar of life, if you have prepared ahead of time you will be more easily able to affectively assess the situation and overcome your obstacles with determination and eventual success.

Spiritual Preparedness


Whether you are religious or not it is a good idea to commit now to what you believe in. Make time to study and ponder, even pray if that is your belief. Write out your thoughts and organize how they make you feel. Assess your goals in this regard. Set aside time for just you and your thoughts (this for many people includes God but if that is not your choice that does not mean you cannot set time to think for yourself, as well.) A great idea is to pray, ponder or simple meditate daily. Set a certain amount of time aside for this every day and you will be amazed at how other things in your life become eased of stress, gradually. How you deal with life’s little and big issues is affected by how you have planned for them “spiritually” as you go. Discovering who you are and how you will live your life will open up doors for you to navigate life and all of its beautiful hiccups.

Temporal Preparedness


Having the necessities of life when you need them the most is crucial. Imagine there is a hurricane and your power is down, your property is flooded and you have nothing to eat, drink or care for yourself or your family with. This is exactly what happened when hurricane Katrina hit. There is much to be learned from history so history does not repeat itself. What if every single household in the United States had enough food and water and supplies to sustain themselves for even just 1 month? What kind of difference would that make? When a disaster hits (which can be financial not just natural disasters) most Americans have to depend on FEMA or the American Red Cross or other organizations to help them. What if those places no longer existed or were too overloaded with need to be able to help? It can happen, be prepared. You do not need to be an extreme “prepper” by any means, to set aside some good food, water and supplies in the event of a “rainy day”. Choose foods that are high calorie like trail mixes and protein bars. Have a small water storage or filtering system in place. Keep extra toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and whatever you think you will need. It is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. It only takes a few people to be starved of a meal for 3 meals and the road to scared and erratic people is paved. Be smart and feel safe, have a 30 day supply.

Also, learn how to take care of your home in a disaster. Water, electricity and gas may need to be shut off, how will you do that if you have no idea ahead of time how to do it?

Emotional Preparedness


While you may never be able to be fully prepared for everything that may come your way, you can emotionally prepare now. Realistically make a list of your fears and confront them. “What if’s” should not control your life, by any means, but it is healthy to think about possibilities at least once and prepare for them. Making a will and a living will are a good start. How many people die and leave behind loved ones who are confused and overwhelmed because their desires were not expressed and set into order. Make every day with your family count and say ” I love you” more than you think you need to, you will never regret it. Research things if you are faced with a hard situation. Reach out for help and ask others how they have handled things.

Things to one time prepare for:

Children dying

Parents dying

House fire or disaster

Car accident

Loss of job

Long term illness


This little list may be shocking, but if you prepare by planning insurance, setting up extra funds and mentally allowing yourself to walk through each scenario, instead of pretending nothing will ever happen to you, you will be far more emotionally equipped to deal with these things should they occur.

Living life and thinking nothing bad will ever happen is not always the best way to prepare yourself and set yourself up to be self -sufficient and confident in the future. Taking the time now to plan for these things will be well worth it in the long run for you. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, grandma is wise!


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