About Us

Because Life is Good!

Daily Life Buff was created to celebrate life and explore all the possibilities we have in our daily lives. Life isn’t easy. We all have hard times and easy times. Some of us have extremely difficult situations, and each of us have trials that bring us down at times. Yet amid all that, we acknowledge that life is good!

Life gives us what we put into it. You have probably heard it said many times, but we’ll day it again. It doesn’t matter so much what happens to us in life, it’s what we do with what happens to us that really matters. It’s how we handle it that counts. We do this by our simply daily management. Having a daily schedule and sticking to it. And being flexible when things change. It’s about having our daily fix be about helping someone we love be happy. I think we should have a Pinterest Board dedicated to all the amazing daily life quotes we love! lol

So Daily Life Buff is here to help you feel empowered with your life!

Here are 10 goals for our daily lives the we aim to promote:

  • Live with Joy
  • Organize our Lives and Time
  • Manage Money Wisely
  • Serve Others Meaningfully
  • Continually Educate Ourselves
  • Learn Healthy Eating and Sleeping Habits
  • Create New and Amazing things
  • Raise our Children to be Amazing, Happy and Responsible Adults
  • Protect our Home and Family
  • Celebrate our Lives and the Lives of Those Around us Each Day!

We invite you to join us in our quest! Read our blog, visit and like us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest. And contribute to making each day of your life amazing. Because life is good!

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