8 Reasons to Paint your Garage Floor!

All moved in to your new KB Home Tampa? Enjoying your new construction? There are many projects that can make their way to your “to-do’s” getting settled into your new home. Here is one to add to your prospective list: painting your garage floor!

Why would someone want paint their garage floor?? Here are 8 reasons to rid yourself of your dull, gray, destined-to-get-stained, non-descript floor! It’s a relatively simple project, easy to do, and with a little elbow grease and a few supplies you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. When your neighbors take a gander at your attractive space, you might see many more painted garage floors popping up in your neighborhood.

Reason #1: It cuts down on dust and dirt on your car and items stored in your garage. Much of the dust that finds it ways on your cars, laundry areas, worktables, and storage comes from the concrete itself. Concrete slowly breaks down into tiny dust particles when you drive on it, walk or sweep it. The particles become part of the air flow and land all around your garage. Painting the floor cuts down on this!

Reason #2: It’s simple to maintain. Run a dust mop over your nicely painted surface and you have a clean garage floor!

Reason #3: It helps to keep the inside of your home clean. When you walk through your garage your feet collect dust and dirt from the porous concrete floor. Because a painted garage floor is so easy to keep clean, the dirt won’t hitchhike into the house. With less dirt in the garage, that much less will be tracked into your new house!

Reason #4: It can make your garage space brighter. When painted, plain concrete becomes a reflective surface and thus make a room appear to have more light. It a great perk to painting your floor!

Reason #5: Floor protection. When purchasing your paint, you can take into consideration a type of paint that will provide protection for your floor. A sealant type of paint is a fantastic way to achieve this, and will aid in guarding against mold, water and mildew stains. Most garage floors end up with stains after some time, but with a painted floor it becomes easy to wipe up oils spills. Other stains may require some sand or sponging, but easily manageable.

Reason #6: Cost-effective. Purchasing floor paint for your garage is inexpensive and can generally be found for under $100.

Reason #7: Worthwhile time-investment. Once you get that floor painted, the time spent on the project will be returned to you again and again as you find the ease of care and cleaner garage a delight.

Reason #8: Aesthetically pleasing. When you complete your project, be prepared for a completely new space. You will find it a joy to be in your garage, possibly utilizing it as an added room to your new home.

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