5 Unlikely Essentials for Your Home Gym

New Year resolutions have been made and whether or not you joined the millions of Americans who have committed to less sugar, more exercise, and 20 lost pounds this year, committing to making exercise a part of your daily schedule is important. You probably have a favorite piece of equipment, a stationary bike, treadmill, or weight lifting set. You may even have more than one piece. If you’ve managed to make an extra bedroom or corner of the garage into your home gym here are a few extra items you should also include.


#1 Disinfectant Wipes

Gyms, home or public, are notorious for sweat and humidity, two things that make the proliferation of germs easy. Pair those with equipment that gets touched a lot and you’ve got the perfect situation for repeated sickness. Avoid sickness by always keeping disinfecting wipes in the gym. Use them to wipe down equipment before and after use.


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#2 Mobility Ball

You can’t keep a massage therapist in your gym at all times, but these handy little inventions can assist you in reaching the same tense spots that a therapist would work with deep tissue massage. Keep several on hand to help alleviate tense muscles.


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#3 Mini-Fridge

A mini-fridge should be considered a gym necessity. Besides keeping your bottled water nicely chilled, you’ll also have a place to keep ice packs or ice wraps like this Dr. Cool recovery wrap.


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#4 A Deck of Cards

Want to make your exercise routine interesting and different every day? Try this tip from Personal Trainer Kelly McGovern. Use a deck of cards to determine your routine. Each suit is a different exercise, e.g. hearts for burpees, spades for jumping jacks, etc. Then draw a card to determine how many you’ll do, with face cards at 10 and aces for 11. It helps to keep things interesting.


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#5 Body Glide Lubricant

One of the uncomfortable side effects of exercise is chaffing and blisters where skin is rubbing skin. To avoid this, keep a bar of Body Glide in your gym. Applied like deodorant, this handy product can save you a lot of pain.


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