5 Steps to Perfect Your Daily Schedule

Creating a daily schedule that is inspiring, productive, and realistic should be your goal. Here are some ways to improve your current daily schedule.

1. Wake Up Early

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This can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t consider yourself a morning person. Waking up early sets the tone for you whole day, allowing you to get a head start. Being the first person up in your household has many advantages. It’s a perfect time to meditate, or to get a few things done without distraction. The simple adjustment of your alarm clock will improve your overall productiveness of the day.

2. Exercise in the Morning

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Starting your day with exercise improves your energy level and gives you a more positive outlook on the day. Exercising first thing also ensures that it gets done, while pushing it off until later can get it eliminated from your daily schedule when more pressing matters come up or you become too tired at the end of the day.

3. Take the Time to Eat Breakfast

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Making a healthy breakfast shows your body that you care enough to nourish it. If you are waking up early and starting your day with exercise than you will have the motivation to continue with a healthy breakfast. Eating a good breakfast will give you more energy and help your mental concentration.

4. Set Goals

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Having goals will help motivate you and make you productive. There is a correlation between setting goals and building self confidence. When you are able to set a goal and accomplish it, you will receive a boost in morale knowing you have the ability to do hard things. When setting goals it is important to be specific and keep it simple. Don’t set so many goals that you get discouraged. Start with small and achievable goals to help keep you motivated.

5. Get the Hard Things Out of the Way

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Is there something that you are dreading to do? Aim to get hard things done first. Being able to accomplish something that is hard or uncomfortable will give you the motivation to execute on other pressing matters. The ability to get hard stuff out of the way is one thing that will relieve stress like nothing else.

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