5 Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home

There are lots of personal reasons you might have for purchasing one the new and beautiful kb home builders’ homes; location, quality, and beauty. But there are a few reasons that are universal to every home buyer out there. Buying a new home is just a good idea and here are some reasons that will have you feeling good about your decision to purchase new.

#1 Energy Efficiency

New homes must be built in compliance with newer, and stricter, energy efficiency guidelines. This is a benefit to homebuyers. The homes they get are required to be built in a way that saves the homeowner money. Windows and doors have fewer leaks, crawl spaces, basements, and attics are required to have high grade insulation and heating and air conditioning systems are required to meet higher efficiency standards. All of these benefits mean more money in your pocket.

#2 Fewer Repairs and Maintenance

Older homes are fraught with repair expenses: new windows, new roofs, basement repair, and even new wiring. These kinds of expenses can run into the tens of thousands of dollars for a homeowner, bringing the equity you have in your home down. These repairs can also decrease the amount of time you have to enjoy your home. Precious weekends that could be spend on family time or personal interests end up being spent as a “weekend warrior” trying to bring your home up to your standards.

#3 Increased Fire Safety

Newer homes come with fire rated doors and walls as standard features, making your home much safer for your family. Older homes can have flammable insulation, substandard wiring, and windows that aren’t big enough to allow escape in the event of a fire emergency. With fire being the 4th leading cause of accidental death in the United States, the importance of fire safety can’t be taken for granted.

#4 Financing and Warranty

Many home builders offer financing to help people get into a home at a good interest rate and warranty packages on their homes that protect the investment of the homebuyer. Most warranties cover any problems with the new home for at least the first year.

#5 Customization

Probably the best thing about purchasing a new home is the chance to customize your home. You can choose your paint, flooring, and carpet colors. You may also be able to choose counter and appliance upgrades for your home as well as having more floor plan options available to you.

Whatever your reason is, buying a new home is an excellent decision for your future.

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