18 Most Epic and Classic Songs for Back-To-School

daily routine

With your kids hopping back to school; your daily routine is no doubt changing with school schedules, homework, practices, mealtime and all of home-life being affected. Sometimes a little music helps us deal with change.

We’ve compiled this list of some classic tunes specifically about school days.

You may want to even add these tunes to your IPod playlist for pure entertainment while you enjoy yourself terribly miss your kiddo’s.

1. Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel


2. Don’t Stand So Close To Me by The Police


3. Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams


4. Principal’s Office by Young MC


5. Wonderful World by Sam Cooke


6. ABC by The Jackson 5


7. The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades by Timbuk3


8. High School Confidential by Jerry Lee Lewis


9. Smokin’ in the Boys Room by Motley Crue


10. When I kissed the Teacher by ABBA


11. We’re All in This Together by High School Musical


12. Be True To Your School by The Beach Boys


13. Walk This Way by Aerosmith and RUN DMC


14. Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd


15. Fifteen – Taylor Swift


16. School Days by Chuck Berry


17. Rock ‘n Roll High School by The Ramones


18. Troublemaker by Weezer

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