10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Yourself Flowers

Everyone knows how delightful it is to get a bouquet of flowers delivered to your door. It’s just a little out of the ordinary step of daily life; makes us smile and lifts our spirits. But why wait for someone else to decide to give you a bunch of flowers? Here are 10 reasons why you should buy yourself flowers.

#1 Real Flowers are Better Than Fake

Many homeowners will buy fake flowers because they last longer than fresh ones. But is it really worth it? Unless you just love the look and feel of silk flowers, they will take time in cleaning and they won’t have the same air freshening, soul lightening effect.

#2 A Bunch of Flowers Smell Better Than a Candle

Candles, wax warmers, and air sprays are always for sale at the local grocery store, but along with fragrance they are also releasing chemicals into the air you breathe. Fresh flowers will freshen your air without filling your home with benzene and toluene.

#3 Flowers Make You Smile

Recent studies have shown that smiling isn’t just a result of happiness, it can also be the cause. Smiling can actually lift your mood. If buying flowers makes you smile, then it can go a long way towards improving your mood.

#4 Celebrating Small Wins Leads to More Success

People remember to send flowers for the big things: the promotion, the new job, the new home. But leading experts in the self-help field say that recognizing and rewarding the small “wins” in our life can lead to the big wins we all want. If you’re working to overcome a bad habit and you’ve made it through a couple days, then reward yourself with fresh flowers. When you overcome an obstacle that no one else saw you still deserve a reward. Pick out some sunny yellow daisies or even a single pink rosebud. Tell yourself you’ve earned it for your efforts. The personal pat on the back can keep you moving in the right direction.

#5 You Know What You’re Going Through

Everyone has small hurts and disappointments that no one else can see. If you’re having a hard day, feeling down, or just a little blue, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers and bury your nose in that happy fragrance. It won’t make all your hurts go away, but if you’re the only one who knows what you’re going through, give yourself a little love and empathy. Self-care, even just a little bit, goes a long way.

#6 Celebrating Beauty Leads to More Beauty

It’s been 34 years since Anne Herbert wrote the now iconic words “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” on a California placemat as an argument against a culture of violence and cruelty. It is a way of living that is still gaining momentum and going strong. Investing in beauty for your home will spill over into other areas of your life. The world needs all the beauty we can add.

#7 Flowers Are a Reminder of the Perfection of Imperfection

Every flower on earth has imperfections: dying petals, torn leaves, a discolored spot. But even with the imperfections we recognize the beauty of each blossom. Having those imperfect but lovely blooms in your home can be a reminder that we may not be perfect, but we can be beautiful and hopeful even in our imperfections.

#8 Flowers are an Inexpensive Way to Improve Your Décor

Flowers are cheaper and easier to apply than paint. They brighten a room, make it smell better, and according to the art of Feng Shui, promote good luck and prosperity.

#9 Remembering Important Events Deserves Flowers

Sometimes an anniversary of importance in our life comes around and even though it may not be one of the big ones, like a birthday or a wedding anniversary, it matters to us. Maybe it’s the anniversary of a major milestone, perhaps a memorial to a loved one that has passed away, the day you got an “all clear” from a doctor, or even an important national day. Whatever it is you want to remember, flowers are a great way to remind yourself that you are not alone, that you are a survivor, and that there is beauty in the world.

#10 Just Because

Sometimes you don’t need a good reason, just get flowers because of the way they make you feel inside. Buy a big bouquet of flowers and celebrate being alive and being you.

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