10 Non-Food Holiday Gifts for Your Neighbors

It’s December and treat trays are making their way around neighborhoods across America. It’s a great way for friends, family, and community members to show their appreciation for one another during the holidays. But if your baking time is limited, or if you’re watching your sugar intake, or you just can’t handle the thought of wrapping one more fruit cake to give to some unsuspecting soul, here are a few ideas for non-food treats. These ideas will fit right into your daily schedule and might help you keep your Christmas simple this year.


#1 Gift Wrap

This clever, inexpensive gift is a great way to give something useful. We all run out of tape this time of year.


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#2 Batteries

This is just…dare we say it? Genius! How many Christmas mornings have you woken up to find that the exciting gift for your kids won’t work because you forgot the batteries? Neighbor gift to the rescue!


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#3 Snowman Soap

This is an easy, crafty gift. With guests popping in and out, it will also be a gift that gets put to good use.


Click image to see how this was made from keeepingitsimplecrafts.com


#4 Joy Dish Soap

This is a clever way to work a little “joy” into your Christmas gifts.


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#5 Holiday Music

Music is a common part of many holiday celebrations. Why not share your favorite sounds of the season?


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#6 Disposable Dishes

I would LOVE it if a neighbor showed up at my house with this gift! It’s fun and thoughtful, who could ask for more?


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#7 Oven Mitt

This could be a gift with an ulterior motive, maybe they’ll bake you cookies with those supplies?


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#8 Cookie Cutters

This is a lovely way to share the fun of Christmas cookies, without sharing calories along with them. Pick out your favorite   cookie shapes, print out this cute label and give your neighbors a sweet gift.


Click image for instructions and downloadable tag from yellowblissroad.com


#9 Lump of Coal

C’mon, you KNOW you have a neighbor you’re dying to give this to!


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#10 Reindeer Lip Balm

I think this is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. It might not be the best gift for a large family, but if you have any single neighbors this is a fun way to wish them a Merry Christmas.


Click image for instructions and printable from thecraftingchicks.com


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