10 Great Ways To Improve Your Neighborhood

Whether you are moving, just buying your new KB home, or if you’re a long time resident in your neighborhood there are many ways you can improve where you live. Having fun in your home and with your neighbors is part of the American Dream after all! We’ve compiled a list of 10 great ways you can make a difference in your neighborhood.

1. Remove the junk and debris

Remove the junk and debris

It may not sound fun to pick up garbage, but it actually can be fun. Grab your kids, your neighbors and friends and get a good work out while you do it. Afterwards, you will all feel pride at making the area so much cleaner.

2. Trim the lawns

Trim the lawns

Those who are disabled and older still need their lawns moved. Grab your pals and take turns getting all the lawns in your neighborhood trimmed and looking good.

3. Organize a School-Supply Drive

Organize a School-Supply Drive

Most folks have a box or sack somewhere with unused school supplies that they no longer need. Might as well donate them to your local school, store, or church. Better yet, organize a neighborhood swap.

4. Have a Neighborhood Yard Sale

Have a Neighborhood Yard Sale

This would be great to make an annual tradition. Not only will you get rid of a lot of stuff you don’t need, your neighbors will too! And more people are destined to attend when it’s a group sale.

5. Plant a Garden for the Neighborhood

Plant a Garden for the Neighborhood

A great idea for areas that don’t have access to fresh produce is to grown your own neighborhood garden. Involve the kids and let everyone enjoy the bounty.

6. Organize a Youth Sport Team – like Baseball

Organize a Youth Sport Team - like Baseball

Get your kids involved and active with soccer, swimming, basketball or baseball. It’s an awesome idea to build your community and foster healthy relationships for the youth.

7. Go Christmas Caroling

Go Christmas Caroling

Who does this anymore? You do! Everyone loves it when door carolers come by. Learn to socialize in person instead of social media! it’s a great way to spread good will and really “see” as well as “hear” people in your community.

8. Choose your Bike Instead of your Car

Choose your Bike Instead of your Car

Go green by riding your bike instead of adding to the air pollution driving your car. Especially if you are just running around close by. You may even encourage others to get out on their bikes.

9. Dog Walking

Dog Walking

It’s the best job ever: Become a dog walker! You can volunteer to walk dogs for you disabled and elderly neighbors, or folks who are stuck working all day. You may just create some dog friends for life.

10. Paint a Mural

Paint a Mural

This activity is actually quite fun and you can get everyone involved including the kids. Use this guide to get started and be sure and choose a colorful picture.

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